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Tap/Scan the QR code above to fill out the Covid-19 Health intake for EACH appt.

No earlier than 48 hours prior to each visit

 Currently, not accepting SPAFINDERS giftcards :(  
Gift cards and Packages are transferrable and never expire = No refund

Please follow instructions below & please Read your voucher prints before booking


Reservation - Cancellation  policy

 Please READ and acknowledge before booking

We kindly ask you allow at least:


 48Hr-notice for Holidays, Weekends or Travel/Events bookings 

24 hour-notice for all other bookings to avoid cancel fees

New Client 90 min booking, or more, requires payment in full 24 or 48 hours BEFORE appt., or it may be cancelled.




We collect payment only AFTER service is rendered, thru venmo, zelle. cash, preferably,

(or paypal, credit card or personal check)


   * For a NO show/NO call or LATE cancellation (less than 24 or 48 hour): 

Your CC will be charged  50% or 100%  fee for the missed reserved scheduled time.

* For New client booking 90 minutes or more (Full Pre-payment)

* For New client, or Holiday, Travel and Events booking (Full Pre-payment)


Please note:

■  A no show will automatically redeem your voucher as used, and invalid

■  Cancelling more than 2X for the same appt will automatically forfeit the redemption of any vouchers/coupon.

*** BHT Groupon Policy ***

■ Groupon is 1st time/New customers only (new business!).

■ Groupon was designed to promote new business:

Meaning, introducing merchants by "sampling" their services/products thru promotional deals:

  * Never intended for repeated uses or regular services 

  * BHT allows 1 additional voucher visit only after 12 months 

* BHT allows 1 purchase, only per deal or promo. Will mot accept a few vouchers within the same category

* BHT will honor only 1 voucher booking or visit per day, per customer

* May purchase an additional voucher as "gift" to be used by a new user/customer

***Thank you for your cooperation, and please read your Groupon prints before booking***

 Scroll down the service menu and hit "GROUPON"; Then select your voucher option to schedule your appt.

■ Gratuity is not included in the value of your Groupon, ClassPass, Thervo or SpaFinder

Coupons/Vouchers, Gift-cards/-certificates are redeemable at business location, only.

     Therefore we are unable to do outcalls or home visits on these prepaid or discounted services.

SWITCHING treatment on your voucher?  No problem. But may require a service fee upgrade

■ EXPIRED voucher?  No problem. But will require the difference in values be paid


Your Groupon, ClassPass, SpaFinder or Thervo may not be combined

 with any other promotional offers.

    ▪︎ Purchase of a ClassPass, SpaFinder, Thervo or Groupon @eseka_estetika or @Blissful Healing 

constitutes acceptance of our service terms and conditions.

    ▪︎ Plus any fine prints stated on your Groupon, Class Pass, SpaFinder, or Thervo account.

To protect yourself, Therapist/Esthetician and our customers * NO service will be performed on:

>>> Any skin lesions/flared up conditions until completely healed

>>> Symptoms of illness, Exposed to covid

>>> RECENT (less than 4 wks) fall, surgery or auto accident.

If you are undergoing a treatment, taking certain meds/Px drugs; A DR's released is required

(see each service's description details + contra-indications before consenting to treatment)

We look forward to meeting you!

With Care & Gratitude ;)

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