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Welcome to our Spa!

Experience a sense of serenity which restores balance 

to body, mind, emotion and to your Skin, too!

Massage involves manipulating the body with pressure to stimulate structured or unstructured muscles by manual motion, vibration or with mechanical aids/device.

Massage can promote relaxation & well-being.

 It can be recreational (indulging) or remedial (corrective therapy)

Don't just think of massage as one-time treat or reward for a though week. 

Regular massages elevate your Spirit, smoothing out the rough spots, and making it easier to deal with life's curve balls...

Benefits go beyond rubbing off the stresses and strains of the moment: 

*Increasing joint flexibility and improves ROM or atrophied muscles

*Blood circulation: Pumping O2 and nutrients into tissue & vital organs, 

*Strengthening immunity by stimulating lymph flow (body natural's defense system)

 *Enhancing athletic performance & Recovery, 

*Reduces HBP, Spasm and cramping

*Relax overused muscles.

Did you know Massage can also assist with 

*Shorter, Easier labor

*Ease medication dependence

*Release endorphins, Amino acids that work as the body's natural pain killer

*Lessen depression & anxiety; Promoting emotional balance

*Boosting tissue Regeneration: Reducing scar and stretch marks, cellulites

*Reduces post surgery adhesion and swelling.

***FACIAL treatments are Skin maintenance and workout for your face, literally!

Even for those without skin disorders or complaints.

Facials deep-cleanse skin from pollutants. Helps to rejuvenate and improve skin texture & tone .  Increasing blood flow = more oxygen + nutrients to face, which translates to healthier cells.

*There are many types of facials based on your skin type or condition,

medical history/allergies or skin sensitivities...

Soon the idea of missing an appointment is simply unthinkable!

I care about your health. My goal at Blissful Healing is for each individual to enjoy their experience, whether relaxing or remedial and to maintain a wellness regiment through regular skincare and/or therapeutic body maintenance.

 I want to help Massage & Facials become a part of your healthy lifestyle. 

Allow me to BLISS & HEAL your trouble areas!

Shall we?


Get in touch!


15731 Bernardo Hts.

Prkwy, Ste. #104

San Diego, CA. 92128

(Inside Phenix suites #122)


(619) 319-0370



Mond - Frid: 9:00am - 7::00pm

Saturday: 9:30am -5:30pm

Wednesday & Sunday: Closed

(Wed: Acupuncture)

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