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5.0 star rating


This spa is pretty new. It's in a conveniently located shopping center. The decor and atmosphere is inviting, and when I went in I was welcomed warmly. I was redeeming a Groupon for a massage and it was a great experience. Nadia was an awesome massage therapist. She's very friendly, knowledgable with her massage, and once we started talking she had lots of words of wisdom! I enjoyed talking to her during my massage but in the beginning she was quiet, so I think she'll match whatever you want (talking to you if you're comfortable/staying quiet if you want a zen experience). Despite the fact that the massage room is located in the salon, there weren't any issues with noise-- I think the stylists are courteous of the massage therapy and moderate their noise levels. Nadia was very sweet and communicated well throughout, and it's clear that she cares about her clients. The Groupon is a great deal and I will definitely go back to her! Wishing the salon all the best in getting established!

Shannon S.S.


Nadia is the massage therapist there... she is heaven sent!! She is so caring and healing, I feel so relaxed and blissful after my massage. Thank you Nadia, I'm so grateful I found you!!! Love love love her!


Amazing Service and Massage

As a massage therapist of 18 years, I am extremely picky of others giving me a massage. I generally always find something in a massage I didn’t like while receiving one. Not here, the massage by Nadia was phenomenal and excellent!!! The consistent flow, pressure, and energy was perfect from beginning to end. I couldn’t have been more pleased with my service.

. Loved my experience!!! Thank you so much.

Mary Mullen.

Mullen Events


Nadia is very in tune and experienced in her work. She always knows exactly what areas need work and attention. Very welcoming and professional service. I would recommend her to any one. Thank you for all your amazing work! 

Allison Radoff


Nadia is the whole package...great at managing her business with great communication so that you feel confident that she is prepared for your appointment. The atmosphere in her salon really amps up the experience. I totally enjoyed the hot stone massage and Nadia applies just the right pressure to create true relaxation from head to toe. I will be back!


October 27, 2019

Nadia is a very knowledgeable and professional massage therapist. I have been her client for more than two years. I always feel rejuvenated and energized after my massage. Recently, I had a stiff neck problem and she patiently worked on my neck until the muscles were relaxed and not hurting anymore. She gave me some suggestions on how to avoid further neck problems which helped me a lot. She is a caring beautiful person inside and out and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a great massage!

Health Conscious Lady

February 12,2021

I purchased a groupon voucher for my mom as a gift as she had mentioned Nadia was really great for the experience she had in the past. Nadia specifically states in her policy that the groupon is only for 1st time customers. However, she honored the voucher I gave my mom and reminded about her policy. Very nice of Nadia. My mom said wonderful comments on how professional and accommodating Nadia was. She knew her craft and was really good at it.

Gerald Yambao

April 10, 2022

I had my 3rd massage with Nadia today. Nadia is professional, personable and has “that special touch”. I plan on visiting Nadia on a regular basis.

Her massage bed is the cherry on top! It’s the thickest and softest I’ve ever been on!!

Do yourself a favor and book an appointment!


July 8, 2022

 The massages—both Swedish and Deep Tissue—I’ve received from Eseka have been amongst the best I've ever had. Her work is skillful and intuitive and the environment welcoming and relaxing. I feel truly blissful after a session with her and think her business is very aptly named! I highly recommend her.

Laurie Davidson

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